Product-Team-Organization Development and Training​

International Group Facilitation

My passion is to bring out the brilliance in experts through facilitated collaboration. You have the knowledge; I help you to voice it and bring it to tangible ideas and concepts. I always want to get the best out of the physical presence of people in a short amount of time. To do so I make use of my toolbox as a Design Thinker, Design Sprinter and Future Scientist.

Group facilitation from 5-150 people (including C-level) in German and English.

Moonshot Thinking – Desirable Futures Workshop (in cooperation with future/io Institute)

Together with the future/io Institute I developed the „Moonshot Framework“ to train and foster Moonshot Thinking in corporations in Europa and around the world. Moonshot Thinking is the ability to imagine bold and highly transformative ideas (Horizon 3) to solve global problems. Moonshot Thinking embraces the complexity and uncertainty of Moonshot Projects and proactively stresses the responsibility of big corporates to take a leading role.
The Moonshot Framework is a Workshop Format to dive into the right framing of Moonshot Challenges, the ideation of Moonshot ideas and the prototyping and communication of the latter.
The co-creative and collaborative setup of the format underlines the importance of a transformed understanding of leadership, an ecosystem approach and an agile working style which are crucial for successful Moonshot execution.

Design Thinking Training and Facilitation

Dive into the Design Thinking mindset and methodologies by trying out the process yourself in my trainings

I will help you to customize the best training for you and your team´s needs.
Important parts of my training are real challenges, client interaction and a hands-on mentality.

Train the Trainer Format possible

Design Sprint Training and Facilitation

Design Sprints are the perfect start into a more agile working mode for your team(s) because the approach is highly structured and equips you with a tested run through and tools.
Design Sprints deliver a tested idea (Product, Service, Concept) in 3-5 days. A highly condensed, time boxed and dedicated working style promises a profound output in days that is normally done in weeks and months. Design Sprints have the potential to transform the working style of a whole organization but can also be applied in a sandbox.

Train the Trainer format possible

Organizational Purpose Workshop (2-3 days format)

Future proof products and services are great to stay ahead but sometimes organizations and teams are getting so good at WHAT they are doing that they disconnect to WHY they are doing it. This divide can lead to dissatisfaction and poorer performance in the long run.

Building on Simon Sinek´s “Start with why” approach this workshop helps teams to rediscover their purpose and revive it to a 2.0 version. This format requires openness and willingness to reflect your team and organization on a deeper level but has a very strong transformative potential.

Purpose Workshop Kombinat

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