Alone you go faster, together you go further. Take a look at my think tanks and partners I love working with:

Futur/io – https://futur.io

Futur/io – I am a member of the faculty
The European Institute for Exponential Technologies & Desirable Futures offers executive training, curate bespoke ideation experiences and conduct future scenario research – to support a new leadership in exponential times. Our think tank is led by a tribe of leaders from science, industry, and government–our faculty is here to unlock your best future opportunities.

Sonophilia – https://www.sonophilia.com

I am a proud Sonophilian and supporter of the Sonophilian way. Sonophilia is a community where artists, musicians, the science and the business world come together to talk about the importance of creativity today and in the future. Seda Röder, the founder of Sonophila is a dear friend and mentor who inspires me on a daily basis.

Fincalabs – https://www.fincalabs.com

Fincalabs gives you the opportunity to dive into agility and innovation work in the perfect setting- a Finca in Ibiza. A well curated programme brings executives from different companies and industries together to learn how to make organizations fit for the future. There is also space and time for personal reflection and coaching and the network factor is amazing.

Digital Leaders Institute – https://www.digitalleadersinstitute.com

Jelka Seitz and her team from DLI craft award-winning blended learning experiences with the perfect fit to the customer for everything that hits you when it comes to digital transformation.