Take a look at my projects with diverse clients

Design Sprint Train the Trainer – Fincalabs

Design Sprint Training 2 Days for interested Executives from different German companies.
In the inspiring surroundings of Ibiza I am happy to be part of the innovation Training from Fincalabs. It´s a great opportunity to do train-the Trainer Design Sprint totally analogue.

Design Sprint Facilitation – Five1
Coming up with tested concepts in three days.
I was very pleased to help the awesome team from Five1 to build new internal processes with the Design Sprint approach. It´s a great example to show that Design Sprints also work for team and business development.

Purpose Development Workshop – Kombinat
Kombinat is a Berlin based Online agency building smart and beautiful websites and e-commerce solutions. I got to work with the team developing a strong sense of purpose with the golden circle approach in the coconat- rural co-working space in Brandenburg.

Ideation Workshop- Kick-off Digital Strategy Munch Museet
To Kick-off the new Munch Museum strategy I did an Ideation Workshop with a very inspiring group of artists, curators and the Munch Museum team during the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017.